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Napoleon GI3600
24k Btu Gas Fireplace Insert
  • The Roxbury 3600 is Especially Designed to Fit Smaller Wood Burning, Zero Clearance Fireplaces and Comes Complete with a Heat Activated Variable Speed Blower System

  • Create the Exact Designer Touch You have Been Looking for.

Napoleon GDI-30

Direct Vent Gas Insert Fireplace


  • The Roxbury 30 Easily Transforms Your Existing Masonry or Prefabricated Fireplace into an Efficient Heating Source, Eliminating Drafts and Ultimately Saving You Money

  • Napoleon's Exclusive PHAZER Logs, Charcoal Embers, Heat Activated Variable Speed Blower

Napoleon R3N

Gas Insert Fireplace

No Electricity Needed Unless Using Fan


  • The Napoleon Infrared 3 Gas Fireplace Insert Offers Many Standard Features Including Napoleon's IRONWOOD Log Set that Fills Your Firebox with Beautiful YELLOW DANCING FLAMES

  • The Infrared 3 Features Napoleon's Advanced Infrared Technology

Napoleon XIR3

Deluxe Gas Insert

Nightlight Iron Wood Log Set


  • The Infrared X3 and X4 Feature Napoleon's Advanced Infrared Technology and Flame Modulation

  • These Deluxe Direct Vent Gas Inserts Offer a Modulating Dual Burner System that Results in a Firebox Filled with a Stunning Triple Flame Pattern

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